UPW/DI Water Treatment Equipment and Suppliers

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Q-Trade supports OEMs and enduser  to supply needed equipment, instrument and consumables based on their UPW, DI and wastewater design.  We provide  wide range of products that deals in water purification for industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

Water Purification Product Includes:

  1. RO Vessel
  2. RO Membrane
  3. Degassing System
  4. Ion Exchange Resin
  5. Softener
  6. Liquid Particle Counters (LPC)
  7. Continuous electro deionization (CEDI)
  8. pH and Conductivity Meters
  9. Dissolved O2 and CO2 monitoring
  10. Dissolve Chlorine Monitors
  11. Dissolve Ozone Monitors
  12. Total Organic Carbon

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