UPW/DI Water Treatment Equipment and Suppliers

Empowering OEMs and End Users with Comprehensive Water Solutions

Unlocking Clean Water: Q-Trade's Practical Best-in-Class Purification and Management

Water Treatment System

  1. Water Purifying Equipment
  2. Wastewater Treatment Equipment
  3. Industrial Water Treatment System
  4. Commercial Water Purification System
  5. Water Softener System
  6. Reverse Osmosis System
  7. Seawater Desalination System
  8. Water Pr-Treatment System

RODI Water Treatment System

Water Purification Product Includes:

  1. Feed tanks
  2. Activated Carbon
  3. RO Vessel
  4. RO Membrane
  5. Degassing System
  6. Softener
  7. UV Disinfection (254nm and 185nm)
  8. Continuous electro deionization (CEDI)
  9. Mixed Bed Ion exchange Resin
  10. Ultrafilters Skid

Precision Water Quality Measurement: Q-Trade's Support for Water Treatment Designers and End Users

  1. Particles (20nm to 125um)
  2. Chlorine dioxide
  3. Conductivity
  4. Dissolved ammonia
  5. Dissolved oxygen
  6. Dissolved Ozone
  7. Dissolved Sulfide
  8. Fluoride
  9. Hydrogen Peroxide
  10. Nitrate
  11. ORP
  12. pH
  13. Peracetic Acid
  14. Turbidity
  15. Suspended Solids

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