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Pre-owned Airborne Portable Particle Counters

Brand: Particle Measuring Systems Model: Lasair III 310C Sensitivity Range: 0.3 to 25um

Qty: 2 sets
Category: Used

BIOBASE Class II A2 Biological Safety Cabinet BSC-1300IIA2-X

Internal Size: 1100*600*660 mm External Size: 1300*850*2200mm Inflow Velocity: 0.53±0.025 m/s Downflow Velocity: 0.33±0.025 m/s Hepa Filter: Two, 99.999% efficient at 0.3 um. Filter life indicator. Airflow System: 70% air recirculation, 30% air exhaust.
Qty: 2 sets

Qty: 2 sets
Category: Brand New

Air Purification Unit Brand: Sanuvox Model: P900GX

The P900-GX is a stand alone, sturdy all metal constructed unit designed for the reduction of airborne contaminants. This unit is designed for up to 900 sq.ft. and can also be mounted on a wall.

Qty: 10 sets
Category: Brand New

PVC Laminated Gypsum Board

Dimension: 4' x 10' x 1/2"

Qty: 489 pcs
Category: Brand New

In-Line Coil Clean UV Lamp: UVC 254. Brand: Sanuvox

UV Coil Cleaner The IL Coil Clean disinfects evaporator coils to prevent the growth of biofilms and mold. It is ideal for any building equipped with an HVAC system. The IL Coil Clean can be installed on either side of the evaporator coils.

Inline Coil Clean Lamp 40" PN:IL40-6 Qty:10 sets

Inline Coil Clean Lamp 50" PN:IL50-6 Qty:10 sets

Inline Coil Clean Lamp 50" PN:IL60-6 Qty:20 sets

Category: Brand New

Fan Filter Unit (FFU)

HEPA 99.99% @0.3um. Dimension: 1205 x 605 x109 without pre filter.

Brand: China Brand

Qty: 22 sets
Category: Brand New

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