Semiconductor & Microelectronics

Safeguard your operations with Q-Trade's advanced Contamination Monitoring Solutions

Q-Trade Corporation offers cutting-edge solutions for environmental monitoring and contamination control. With our advanced instrumentation and expert support, we empower industries to mitigate contamination risks, enhance yield efficiency, and prioritize personnel safety. Our comprehensive monitoring systems ensure constant vigilance over plant conditions, safeguarding semiconductor and microelectronics processes worldwide.

Ensure Product Integrity Anywhere, Anytime with On-site Contamination Monitoring

We understand the importance of safeguarding your product at its point of use. That's why our solutions offer:

  • Continuous, real-time monitoring for immediate actionable insights
  • Cutting-edge metrology solutions setting the standard for sensitivity
  • Precision measurements precisely where and when your products are vulnerable
  • Enhance both throughput and quality for optimal performance

Applicable Products

Airborne Particle Counters

Portable Particle Counter: Lasair® Pro

0.1 Micron Airborne Particle Counters: Lasair® III 110

Remote Air Particle Counter: Airnet® II / IIs

Handheld Particle Counter: Handilaz® Mini II

Liquid Particle Counters

Syringe Liquid Particle Samplers: SLS Family

20 nm Chemical Particle Counter: Chem 20™

Liquid Particle Counter: LiQuilaz® II Series

DI Water Particle Counter: Ultra DI®

Temperature & Relative Humidity