Pressure Measurement

Diffential Pressure

Setra Lite™ Visual Differential Pressure Indicator

The Setra Lite Room Pressure Indicator provides a simple, cost-effective, and accurate way to monitor and display room differential pressure.

Model 269 Low Differential Pressure Transducer

Setra’s Model 269 transducer is the highest accuracy solution for monitoring differential pressure in critical environments.

Model 231 Wet-to-Wet Differential, Multi-Configurable Pressure Transducer

Setra’s Model 231 is a multi-configurable, wet-to-wet differential pressure transducer offering the user an all-in-one device with field selectable pressure ranges and analog outputs.

MRG Series Differential Pressure Sensors

The Setra Model MRG is Setra’s newest differential pressure transducer. The Setra MRG is the ideal product for any contractor, combining the flexibility of a multi-range with the performance of a single range transducer.

Gauge Pressure Sensor

Model AXD Industrial Pressure Transducer

The Accusense™ Model AXD industrial pressure sensor is designed for Industrial and OEM customers. Offers exceptional ±0.25% FS accuracy for pressure ranges as low as 1 PSI up to 10,000 PSI to meet a multitude of demanding applications. The Model AXD features all stainless steel wetted materials 17-4PHSS when ordered as “AXD1” or 316LSS when ordered as “AXDH”.

Model 210 Board-Mountable Sensor

Setra’s Model 210 is the ultimate in circuit board-mountable pressure sensors. In addition to the convenience of quick PCB installations, the 210 offers wide media compatibility with its stainless steel sensor construction.

Model 209 Gauge Pressure Transducer

The Model 209 pressure   offers exceptional ±0.25% FS accuracy with pressure ranges from 1 PSI up to 10,000 PSI to meet a multitude of demanding applications. The 209 features all stainless steel wetted materials and offers many pressure and electrical connections to satisfy challenging installation requirements.

Model 3100 OEM Pressure Transducer

The Model 3100 offers exceptional 0.25% FS accuracy in pressure ranges from 75 PSI to 32,000 PSI; features an all welded stainless steel constructions for a robust design and IP67 seal for moisture and humidity protection. The Model 3100 offers a variety of different outputs, pressure connectors, and electrical connectors to satisfy the most challenging application requirements. In addition, voltage units are available with a dual pressure/temperature output.

Model 256 Gauge Pressure Transducer

The Model 256 is designed for NEMA4/IP65 service the 256 is packaged in a
die-cast aluminum enclosure and includes Setra’s robust capacitive
design, making it resistant to environmental effects such as shock,
vibration, temperature and EMI/RFI. .

Model 290 Sanitary Pressure Transducer

The Model 290 is Setra’s highest accuracy solution for measuring gauge and compound pressure ranges in sanitary processing applications.

Model 223 Flow-Through Pressure Transducer

The Model 223 ultra-high purity pressure transducer is designed for the most demanding specialty gas monitoring and control applications.

Model 206 Industrial Pressure Transducer

The Model 206 pressure sensor is designed for Industrial and OEM customers who require high performance, reliability and versatility at an affordable price.

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