Microbial Samplers

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) has been the global leader in cleanroom contamination monitoring for over 45 years.

Microbial Sampler: Minicapt Mobile

Sensitivity: 1 cfu 

The innovative microbial air sampler. ISO 14698:2003 compliant

Remote Air Sampler: Minicapt

Sensitivity range: 1 cfu
HEPA-filtered exhaust =no cleanroom contamination

Compressed Gas Kit for Viable Particulate Monitoring. 

The Compressed Gas Kit works with the Minicap Mobile instrument to provide reliable viable contamination monitoring for process gases.

Microbial Monitor Biocapt Single Use

Sensitivity range: 1 cfu

This cleanroom microbial monitor is an innovative replacement for settle plates, provides 2 hr sampling, and minimizes false positives, resulting in a decrease in investigations.

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