Liquid Particle Counters

Liquid particle counters are essential for critical contamination monitoring and measurement of ultrapure water and pure process chemicals within semiconductor and other precision manufacturing industries  as well as water/ parenterals for Life Sciences applications

Chemical Particle Counter: Chem 40

Sensitivity range: 40 – 125 nm 


The UltraChem 40 Chemical Particle Counter from Particle Measuring Systems detects 40 nm particles in chemicals with high molecular scatter.

Liquid Particle Counter for Chemicals: Ultra Chem 100

Sensitivity range: 100 – 500 nm 

The Ultrachem 100 Liquid Particle Counter gives you reliable contamination monitoring with the ability to detect particles as small as 100 nm in chemicals with high molecular scatter.

Deionized Water Particle Counter: HSLIS-50e

Sensitivity range: 0.05 – 0.2 µm

Provides continuous, real-time monitoring of contamination levels in deionized water.

LiQuilaz® II 

An optical liquid particle counter is a volumetric monitor with a variety of sizing sensitivities as low as 0.2 µm. It provides high precision analysis for most process chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid and hot corrosive chemicals up to 306 °F (152 °C).


Syringe Particle Sampler: SLS Series

Uses a precision syringe and simple flow-path for delivering chemical samples from a sample vessel or chemical container, directly to the particle sensor for liquid particle counter batch sampling.

Liquid Particle Counter for USP 788: APSS2000.

Liquid particle counter for USP 788 sizes & counts suspended particles.


Corrosive Liquid Particle Sampler: CLS 700T

A compression sampler combined with a LiQuilaz® II particle counter for effective measurement of particles in fluids contained in unpressurized vessels.

UPW Flow Controller for PMS Liquid Particle Counter

FC-200 and FC-100 for UPW.

Precise and continuous control of sampler flow for ultrapure water liquid particle counters.

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