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Virtual Training/symposium Topics:

Fundamentals of Cleanroom Technology

Presenter: Engr. Art Robles, Jr

Fundamental of ISO 14644-1 2015: Part 1 Classification of Air Cleanliness by Particle Concentration

Presenter: Joey Siojo

Fundamental of ISO 14644-2 2015 Part 2: Monitoring to Provide Evidence of Cleanroom Performance Related to Air Cleanliness by Particle Concentration

Presented: Joey Siojo

Fundamentals of Dissolve Gas Control in UPW and DI Sytem

Presenter: 3M Liquicel 

Introduction and Calculation of Ion Exchange Resin Load in DI Water Treatment System

Presenter: Jacobi Resinex

Detecting Nano Particles DI Water for Parts Cleanliness Testing Application

Presenter: PMS