HEPA and ULPA Leak Test Measurement

Since 1961, ATI has been the leading designer and manufacturer of specialized test equipment for high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, flat sheet media, filter cartridges and respirators used by government, military, and commercial organizations worldwide. Today ATI continues to be an innovator, delivering new technologies in CBRNE Detection, including biological threat detection and military respirator mask testing.

Photometer and Aerosol Generator

2i, 2i-N

The most advanced, innovative and user friendly digital aerosol photometer available today, the 2i Digital Photometer is portable, yet rugged, and the ideal instrument for in-situ filtration system integrity testing. The iProbe, a handheld scanner with local LCD display and controls, enables the operator to change settings without stopping to adjust the base unit, minimizing downtime.

4B / 4B Lite Laskin Nozzle Aerosol Generator

The 4B series family of Laskin-Nozzle aerosol generators are durable, portable, and reliable. Designed for testing filter systems ranging from small glove boxes to large cleanroom plenums, ATI Laskin Nozzle generators provide the ideal solution for creating a polydispersed, submicron aerosol to certify and qualify in-situ filter systems.

6D Laskin Nozzle Aerosol Generator

The 6D is a small, light, and rugged portable, self-contained Laskin-Nozzle aerosol generator with integrated compressor. It is ideal for testing a wide variety of filter systems with air flows up to 2,000 cfm by generating a poly-dispersed, sub-micron aerosol. Applications include workstations, negative- pressure filtration units, biological safety cabinets, ceiling modules and more. It can also be used for testing positive pressure systems using an optional Positive Injection Pump and hose adapter kit.

5D Thermal Aerosol Generator

The 5D Thermal Aerosol Generator is designed for operators who require a wide range of aerosol output concentrations to perform leak tests on smaller clean air cabinets through cleanroom air handling systems.

Aerosol Injection and Conditioning

Positive Injection Pump

The Positive Injection Pump (PIP) provides the user with a safe and reliable system for directing aerosol from a Thermal or Laskin Nozzle Generator through a tube into the injection point. Speed control allows for regulation of the discharge velocity, which is essential when introducing aerosol through apertures of various size. The Positive Injection Pump (PIP) with adjustable swan neck inlet works best with the ATI family of aerosol generators. ​

Aerosol mixing for short distances

Improves the testing of clean air cabinets, Safety Cabinets, Isolators, and any installed HEPA filter where the distance between the point of aerosol injection and the filter is short, and upstream challenge measurement shows poor mixing.

Aerosol Diluter

Dilutes aerosol to measurable levels for particle counters. Installed between the aerosol source and a particle counter, diluters minimize pressure drop and aerosol loss while preventing saturation of the particle counter.

Fixed Installation Ports & Probes

These ports are designed to assist aerosol injection into ducting or HVAC units for aerosol sampling of the upstream particle concentration. Designed to meet ISO 14644-3, ATI’s fixed installation ports can be added to new or existing installations to mitigate the risk of infection and exposure of non-filtered air into the clean space by eliminating the need to remove ceiling tiles for leak testing.