Data Centers

Environmental Standards for Data Centers

Temperature, relative humidity, smoke and flood detection in a server room

In small server room, we have installed a Comet H3531R 19” Rack monitoring system with a LD-12 flood detector and a SD-283ST optical smoke detector. The H3531R has ethernet output making it easy to monitor all the values and detection devices via COMET Cloud.

In the past we had a flood in our server room with the air conditioning system leaking and also high ambient temperatures because of the failure of the air-conditioning unit, now we have set alarm levels given to us by our IT support company S2 Technologies and we are able to detect, and alarm based on flooding, smoke, high ambient temperature and Relative humidity, giving the opportunity to intervene before we have a serious issue.


Energy Management Solutions

Setra’s Power Meters can help your data center save on energy costs and monitor equipment usage. Our line of power meters can also help to ensure equipment is up and running. These meters are perfect for energy efficient data centers.

In industrial settings, power meters are used to measure the power usage of machinery, lighting, appliances, and even entire buildings. This data can be used to reduce energy usage and save on electricity bills. Manufacturers use power meters to help determine when a machine is malfunctioning or wearing out. Revenue Grade Power Meters are utilized in residential or commercial buildings to bill tenants individually for energy use.


Setra Model 230

Pressure Sensors for Data Center Cooling Equipment and Systems

Setra’s flexible line of pressure sensors can help solve your sensing needs, inside and out. Our capacitive sensing technology and long history of high quality products gives reliable, high accuracy pressure measurement. Our stainless steel diaphragms are compatible with all refrigerants and can measure gage, absolute or differential pressure. We manufacture in the USA and can customize almost any aspect of our products to fit your needs.

Setra Model 230

Setra’s model 230 is a true wet to wet differential pressure sensor with a single SS diaphragm providing fast response time. The NEMA4 enclosure allows the sensors to be placed at the point of use on coolant tanks, fire suppression systems, and anywhere else you need to measure pressure