Analyzers and Detectors

Airborne Particle Counter Model: Lasair Pro Brand: Particle Measuring Systems

0.1 Micron Particle Counter
Model: Lasair® III 110
Brand: Particle Measuring Systems

Airnet® II Particle Sensor (4 Channel) Model: Airnet II 201 Brand: Particle Measuring Systems

AM ll 16/32 Aerosol Manifold for Sequential Monitoring

HPGP-101-C High Pressure Gas Probe Model: HPGP-101-C Brand: Particle Measuring Systems

HPD II High Pressure Diffuser

Web Sensor - remote thermometer hygrometer with Ethernet interface
Brand: Comet Systems

Web sensor - remote thermometer hygrometer with Ethernet interface. Model: T3511 Brand: Comet Systems

Temperature and humidity data logger with built-in sensors Model:U3120 Brand:Comet Systems

Aerosol Photometer and Accessories Model: 2i, 2-N Brand: Air Technique International

6D Laskin Nozzle Aerosol Generator Model:6D Brand: Air Technique International

Cleanroom Equipment and Materials

Fan Filter Units (FFU)


Air Shower


ESD and non ESD Tiles

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