Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT)

Q-Trade performs  Cleanroom Performance Testing in accordance with customer’s required specifications and procedures. We can performed test referenced to  latest version of the ISO Standard 14644, WHO and PIC/GMP.

Cleanroom Test Parameters

Primary Test:

  • Filter Airflow Velocity and Uniformity Tests.
  • Airflow Volume and Uniformity Test.
  • Filter Installation Leak Tests- Aerosol Photometer Test Method
  • Filter Installation Leak Test- Discrete Particle Counter Method
  • Airborne Particle Count Cleanliness Test-ISO Standard 14644
  • Airborne Particle Counting Test- Sequential Sampling
  • Room Pressurization Test

Secondary Test:

  • Airflow Parallelism Tests
  • Recovery Tests- Standard Method
  • Lighting Level and Uniformity Tests
  • Sound Level Tests
  • Temperature and Humidity Uniformity Test.
  • Comprehensive Temperature and Humidity Uniformity Tests.
  • Electrostatic Tests
  • Conductivity Tests
  • Air Change Rate (ACH) test.
  • Bench Scan Filter Leak Tests

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