Cleanroom Equipment and Materials


Q-Trade Corporation is an imported of products  widely adopted in the air-conditioning system, clean room, semiconductor and electronics industries, hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, food industries, optical industries, theatres, research laboratories, biosafety and animal labs, etc.

Fan Filter Units (FFU)

  • Fan Filter Unit (FFU)- AC Type
  • Fan Filter Unit (FFU)- DC Type
  • Fan Filter Unit (FFU)- Thin Type

Medium Efficiency / Secondary-Filtration

  • Ultrasonic Synthetic Pocket Filters
  • Rigid Cell Filters
  • Medium Glass Fiber Filters
  • Medium ABS Frame Filters
  • Seperator Medium Filters
  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel Filters

Cleanroom Airshower and Passbox

  • Customized Airshower
  • Customized Passbox

ESD Floors, PVC Boards and FFU Air Disinfection System

  • ESD Floor Panels (Raised Floor)
  • PVC laminated gypsum board – 4’x10’x1/2″
  • FFU Air Disinfection System

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