Oxygen Process Analyzer

At Analytical Industries Inc we design and manufacture oxygen analyzers, H2S analyzers and oxygen sensors for OEM applications

Fixed Ambient Oxygen Deficiency Monitors with Alarms GPR-35, GPR-2500 SN (ATEX), GPR-2800 IS

The GPR-35, GPR-2500 SN and GPR-2800 IS/AIS-S are reliable oxygen deficiency monitors for measuring the oxygen concentration in rooms where there is potential for gas leaks to prevent oxygen depletion or asphyxiation and ensure safety of personnel.

Oxygen Analyzer with Remote Sensor GPR-1900 & GPR-2900

A panel mounted oxygen analyser with a remote sensor allows flexibility of installation. The GPR-1900 gas analyzer is suitable for trace oxygen measurements as low as 0-1 ppm; the GPR-2900 measures O2 up to 100%.

Oxygen Analyzers for Industrial Gases GPR-1600, GPR-2600, GPR-3100

High-accuracy oxygen analyzers for monitoring gas in industrial processes where trace oxygen from low parts per million to pure O2 has to be precisely measured.

Oxygen Analyzers for Ultra-High Purity Gases PI2-UHP 50/100 and PI2-MS 500/1000

Based on the stable and long-life Pico-Ion oxygen sensors, the PI2 range of trace oxygen analyzers provides accurate and stable measurements of oxygen down to low parts per trillion.

Portable Oxygen Analyzers from 0.1 ppm up to 100% oxygen GPR-1000, GPR-1100, GPR-2000 & GPR-3500 MO

Suitable for trace oxygen measurements from 0.1 ppm through to purity applications at 100% oxygen, these rugged portable instruments share the same advanced sensor technology as the online process oxygen analyzers ensuring confidence in their reliability and accuracy.

Multi Gas Analyzer

LDetek is a Canadian based company specialized in manufacturing, developing and integrating online gas analyzers, gas chromatograph systems and related accessories. Our mission is to provide reliable and performing systems with the best technology on the market.

MULTIDETEK 2 Compact Gas chromatograph

With its plug and play philosophy and offering more features than ever, LDetek pushes further the possibilities with its new chromatograph system. It provides an attractive and cost effective solution for the industrial and laboratory market.

LD8000 Online trace Nitrogen and/or oxygen in argon, Helium and Crude Argon analyzer

The LD8000 is an online analyzer to monitor trace N2 and/or O2 in Ar/He/Crude Argon. Different technologies combination is used to achieve the complete solution inside one compact 3U cabinet.

LD8000 PLUS Online PPB Trace Nitrogen in Argon/Helium analyzer

The LD8000-Plus is designed for ultra-pure Argon or Helium gas analysis. With its integrated ppb sub-system, unique performance can be achieved. Low ppb trace nitrogen online is now possible without the need of a gas chromatograph. This compact design makes it very attractive for any industrial or laboratory installation.

LD8000 MultiGas Trace nitrogen, oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbons in helium

The LD8000 MultiGas is an online gas analyzer to monitor trace N2, O2, H2O, CnHm in Helium. The compact 4U unit has been designed to meet the requirements of the Helium cryogenic installations for online measurement.

LDP1000 & Compact-LDP1000 series Gas purifier for noble, nitrogen or hydrogen gases

The LDP1000 & Compact-LDP1000 series is sub ppb purifier ideal for calibration gas for online analyzer as well as carrier gas for Chromatograph. Its two steps purification design ensures that no undesired impurity is released from the purifier.

LDGSS High purity gas system selector

The LDGSS now brings to the gas industry the most reliable and easy way to provide clean gas to any process GC and online process analyzers. It's compact design, based on high purity connections with an unique diaphragm valve with no dead volume. It becomes the ideal solution for any stream selection needs. This concept allows a quick response time, the possibility to work in vacuum mode and avoid drifting problems.

LDGDS Gas dilution system

The LDGDS is a user’s friendly gas dilution system that offers all the flexibility to generate manually or automatically the desired gas mixtures. The Windows user’s interface gives the ability to control and monitor the mixtures, flows, pressures and the concentrations. . It reduces the cost of having specific standard for each blend needed. The dilution system is designed with a manual or automatic pressure controller installed on the zero gas line, on the span gas line and to regulate the outlet blended gas line pressure.

Traps and accessories

They are necessary to remove interference components in carrier and sample gas used for GC's and on-line instruments. For the GC's, a combination of moisture, hydrocarbons and Oxygen traps is used to prevent column degradation what is well known to increase detector noise and create ghost peaks. The use of such traps is also necessary on Make-up gas that must also be interference free.

Toxic and Combustible Gas Monitor

From our U.S. headquarters in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, we design, manufacture, and distribute analytical instruments based on electrochemical and optical sensors. We specialize in the areas of toxic gas detection and water quality measurements, continuing to lead the way in development of reliable monitoring systems. Our capabilities in the area of sensor design and manufacture allow us to offer the kind of application support needed for the most demanding applications. In addition, local product support is available through our network of over 50 representatives throughout the U.S. and Canada.

A14/A11 Modular Gas Detector

The GasSens A14/A11 Modular Gas Detector is a flexible component system providing a variety of options to meet individual gas detection and alarm requirements. From chemical and petrochemical plants to food processors, the GasSens system can be applied to the simplest or most complex gas detection application.

D16 Portable Gas Leak Detector

ATI's D16 PortaSens III Portable Gas Leak Detector is a versatile tool for performing regular leak checks in gas storage areas, around process equipment, piping, or in confined spaces prior to entry. Designed for easy one-hand operation, the gas detector contains an internal sample pump and a flexible sampling wand to allow pinpoint location of the source of leakage.

D12 Toxic and Combustible Gas Detector

ATI's D12 Toxic and Combustible Gas Transmitter will accept up to 46 different sensors, greatly reducing the need for multiple gas transmitter models. The self-aligning sensor holder simply plugs in, with automatic gas sensor recognition and verification when contact is made.

F12 Toxic Gas Detectors

ATI's F12iS Toxic Gas Detector is designed to measure toxic gases and oxygen in hazardous locations requiring an Intrinsically Safe (IS) device. The F12/D, a non-IS version, is also available for non-hazardous locations.

Q45S Wet H2S Gas Detector

Odor control in wastewater treatment plants and sewage collection systems often requires the use of scrubber systems. Many of these scrubbers employ a wet process using a hypochlorite solution to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from air streams prior to discharge. Monitoring the hydrogen sulfide in both inlet and discharge air has presented problems for standard sulfide gas sensors.

Dewpoint Meters

At Shaw Moisture Meters we believe choosing the correct dew point measurement products for your application is essential. Therefore, an important part of our service is to ensure you receive the right dew point device for your application, every time.

Model Superdew 3 Hygrometer

The Model Superdew 3 is a single channel inline hygrometer designed to measure dewpoint in process gases and compressed air. The panel mounted enclosure provides panel protection to IP54.

Model SDHmini-Ex Hand Held Dewpoint Meter

Intrinsically safe and portable, this dewpoint hygrometer offers quick and reliable spot check measurements of dewpoint and trace moisture content for industrial applications. This robust and lightweight hand held instrument features an intuitive menu structure and advanced features which enable the user to perform measurements in the toughest of environments, quicker and easier than ever before.

Model SDHmini/SDHmini-L Hand Held Hygrometer

An innovative, portable, hand held hygrometer for dewpoint measurement. The Model SDHmini/SDHmini-L compact, portable, hand held hygrometer sets new industry standards for dewpoint measurement. With state of the art features and enhancements with support of USB and Bluetooth interfaces for communicating with PC and also support for thermal printer over Bluetooth (SDHmini-L).

Model SADP Portable Hygrometer

A portable hygrometer for rapid moisture checks or continuous use on flowing gas or air. Easily portable, ready for spot checks or continuous use, this battery powered portable hygrometer indicates both dewpoint temperatures and water vapour to less than one part per million, on the large meter dial. As the reading is specific to water vapour, calibration is accurate for different gases. Accuracy is guaranteed to better than one part in a million of moisture in very dry air or gas.<br>