Aerosol Particle Monitoring


Particle Measuring Systems specializes in viable and nonviable particle counters that measure and monitor contamination levels in clean and controlled environments. Since 1972, our knowledgeable and experienced team has been developing innovative technologies to advance the cleanroom monitoring industry. Particle Measuring Systems is one of the world’s leading companies and manufacturers for particle counting instruments, and molecular and microbial monitoring.

Aerosol Particle Monitoring

Lasair III 110 Airborne Particle Counter

Sensitivity range: 0.1-5.0 µm

A true 0.10 micron particle counter, providing real-time measurement of yield-impacting cleanroom particles with three configurations.

Lasair III 310C Aerosol Particle Counter

Sensitivity range: 0.3 - 25.0 µm

Sets the standard for portable aerosol particle counters and meets the requirements of ISO 14644-1:2015 and ISO 21501-4

Airnet II- 4 Channel Particle Sensor

Sensitivity range: 0.2 - 10.0 µm

Meets the specifications of ISO 21501-4 to measure the size and number of particles suspended in the air for real-time monitoring of defect-causing particles.

NANO ID NPC 10 Aerosol Particle Counter

Sensitivity range: 10 nm - 1.0 µm

Provides meaningful data fast within ultra-clean environments by capturing even the smallest ultrafine and nanoparticles.

IsoAir 310P Remote Cleanroom Particle Sensor

Sensitivity range: 0.5 - 5.0 µm

Real-time remote cleanroom sensor gives quick notification of particle anomalies, detecting 0.5 and 5.0 µm for GMP and FDA compliance.

HPGP-101-C High Pressure Gas Probe

Sensitivity range: 0.1 - 5.0 µm

Provides reliable in-line contamination monitoring for process gases at line pressure

AM ll – 16/32 Aerosol Manifold for Air Particle Counters

Provides reliable in-line contamination monitoring for process gases at line pressure

HPD III High Pressure Diffuser

The HPD III Aerosol Monitoring Accessory is compatible with non-toxic, non-flammable gases such as Clean Dry Air (CDA), Argon, Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide.

Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC)

AirSentry® II Mobile Airborne Molecular Contamination Detection System

Designed to enhance fixed Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) monitoring programs, the AirSentry II Mobile AMC Detection System is the first truly mobile system for monitoring airborne molecular contamination in cleanrooms. Mobility plays an important part in a strategic airborne molecular contamination monitoring program, allowing contamination sources to be quickly located, quantified and eliminated.

AirSentry® II Point-of-Use Ion Mobility Spectrometer

With parts-per-trillion (ppt) sensitivity, these point-of-use sensors provide fast response, increased detection selectivity and repeatable performance. Combining Air Sentry II sensors with a central software platform allows for easy data acquisition and analysis. The AirSentry II family of airborne molecular contamination sensors provide continuous actionable data, to enable efficient response to contamination sources and events.

AirSentry® II Multi-point Airborne Molecular Contamination Monitoring System

The most advanced airborne molecular contamination (AMC) monitor available, utilizing sensitive and responsive ion mobility spectrometry to detect and characterize airborne molecular contamination from multiple locations within a cleanroom. The system features a 16- or 30-point manifold sampling system and an on-board computer with secure software and communications.


FacilityPro® Software

Facility Pro Software provides the interface, data management, and reporting for an environmental monitoring…

Sampler Sight Pharma Software

Controls syringe operated samplers and collects data from a LiQuilaz particle sensor. Easy USP 788 calibration. 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant.

Facility Net Monitoring Software

Real-time and historical data display for all Particle Measuring Systems particle counters, molecular contamination monitors and various third-party products.

Sampler Sight Software

A user-friendly software program for operating batch-based liquid particle measurement systems. Provides a comprehensive view of the batch information.

DataAnalyst Software

Helps you understand the data coming from your particle counter for an easy and low-cost way to manage data, including maintaining electronic records.