About Us

Started in 1999 as an importer and trader of materials for the construction of clean rooms.

Through the years, Q-Trade established a niche micro-contamination monitoring and control market and has expanded its operations and increased its product lines coming from different manufacturing companies from different parts of the globe.

Our Vision 

We will be a billion-peso corporation by 2030 selling high quality products and internationally recognized engineering services. We will be a challenging organization known for reliability and responsive to our customers’ needs and yet delivering a fair return to our stakeholders.


Our Mission

We actively represent, market and sell high quality products and globally compliant engineering services. We shall be known for reliability and responsive to our customers while delivering sustained revenue and fair return to our shareholders.


                                                                                       Engr. Arturo “Art” Robles, Jr.

Our Core Values

These are the principles that guide us in everything we do. 


                          Lucky Dawil Cancino

                          Admin Department Manager



Quality– We are committed to excellence in everything we do and how to achieve it.

Accountability– We assume responsibility of our action and decision.

Empowerment-We encourage our employee to take initiative lead and well thought recommendation for decision.

Ownership– We take care of our company and our customer as they are one’s own.

Teamwork – We believe in working together to achieve a common goal.