Providing you with superior quality products and services to meet regulatory requirements and improve yield.

Q-Trade has grown to become a regional leade in the micro-contamination environmental monitoring industry.

About Us

Started in 1999, Q-Trade Corporation has grown to become the industry leader when it comes to micro-contamination and environmental monitoring . A subsidiary of Quest Technology (S) Pte. Ltd Singapore-a recognized leader in micro contamination control and engineering services.

Our comprehensive line of products and services helps industries to capture and gather important micro-contamination data measurement that enable them to make fact-based decisions in how to meet regulatory requirements, improve their product quality and process yield.


We will be a billion Corporation by 2030 by selling high quality products and internationally recognized engineering services. We will be a challenging organization known fo reliability and responsive to our customer’s need, yet delivering a fair return to our stakeholders.


We actively represent, market and sell high quality products and services globally compliant engineering services. We shall be known for reliability and responsive to our customers while delivering sustained revenue and fair return to our stakeholder.

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