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Q-Trade Corporation Gearing Towards ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation

Engr. Art Robles, Jr. while delivering his opening remarks during the ISO/IEC 17025 Awareness Training at Paseo Premier Hotel last July 6, 2022. 

According to him, accrediting Q-Trade Laboratory to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is one of the action plan to improve customer satisfaction.

Another Milestone Reached this YR2022!

Another major milestone was achieved by Q-Trade Corporation through Engr. Mark Alag passing the NEBB Cleanroom Performance Certification and Engr. Rey Magistrado for passing the first phase of NEBB Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Certification. 

Q-Trade is continuously improving customer experience by assuring and maintaining data integrity.

Congratulations Engr. Mark and Engr. Rey! 

Philippines: The Department of Labor and Employment issues guidelines on ventilation for workplaces to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19

In brief

On 03 March 2021, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) issued Department Order No. 224, Series of 2021, or the Guidelines on Ventilation for Workplaces and Public Transport to Prevent and Control the Spread of COVID-19 (“Guidelines“).

As part of the government’s continuing efforts and in cognizance of the poorly ventilated spaces in many workplaces, the Guidelines emphasize the immediate necessity to strictly enforce proper and adequate ventilation inside the workplace as a preventive measure against the further spread of COVID-19.


All commercial and industrial establishments, projects, sites, and all other places where work is being undertaken indoors are covered by the Guidelines. Healthcare facilities, which require special considerations in the control of COVID-19, however, are not covered.

Applicability and enforcement

The Guidelines shall take effect immediately.

 1. General ventilation strategies and recommendations

Non air-conditioned spaces must comply with the following conditions provided for in the Guidelines: (a) maximize natural ventilation through the use of doors, windows, and other openings; (b) if natural ventilation is not possible, utilize fans and air-conditioning systems, which supply fresh air and extract contaminated air, as a form of mechanical ventilation; (c) carry out dilution ventilation through the use of exhaust fans; (d) keep exhaust fans continuously open; (e) increase outdoor air changes by opening windows and other openings inside the office premises; and (f) conduct weekly cleaning of windows, other openings, and ventilating fans.

Conversely, for air-conditioned spaces, covered establishments must comply with the following conditions: (a) outdoor air should conform to the recommended breathing zone ventilation rates; (b) establishments must run the ventilation system for at least 30 minutes before and after spaces are occupied; (c) likewise, establishments should ensure that enough exhaust fans relative to the room volume are available; (d) where ventilation is greatly recirculated, filters can be used to clear recirculated air; (e) employers should keep the louvers of local air conditioning units in an upward position to prevent air from flowing from one person to another; (f) concerned persons must frequently open the windows, doors, and other openings inside their office premises; and (g) they must establish a cleaning and maintenance program for mechanical systems and change filters whenever necessary.

2. Ventilation assessment

The employer shall be responsible for maintaining an acceptable and safe indoor air quality. In doing so, the safety officer or any qualified personnel shall ensure that the ventilation system is working or functioning during the conduct of the ventilation assessment in order to properly determine how air enters and exits from the workplace. The use of natural or mechanical ventilation or a combination thereof would depend on the ventilation assessment conducted by the trained safety officer or ventilation/indoor air quality specialist.

Additionally, quantitative ventilation measurements shall also be performed internally by the trained safety officer of the company, the DOLE – Occupational Safety and Health Center, or the DOLE’s accredited work environment measurement service providers.


Employers should comply with the applicable workplace ventilation requirements to ensure the health and safety of their employees. Specifically, covered establishments should maximize natural ventilation methods, utilize exhaust fans and air purifiers in the workplace, and conduct qualitative and quantitative ventilation assessments within the office premises.

Employers are advised to keep abreast of all the developments relating to COVID-19 prevention and control measures required by DOLE and its related agencies during the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis.

Source:~Global Compliance News  

One Act of Random Kindness at a Time

Mary Mother of Mercy Home of the Elderly and Abandoned

Parish of the Risen Lord Southville Subdivision Binan Laguna

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has brought unprecedented fear and uncertainty.

Q-Trade Corporation, led by Engr. Art Robles, Jr  continuously working to give assistance to the communities affected by the  pandemic particularly children and the elderly. 

The company would like to thank the Parish of the Risen Lord in Town & Country Subdivision Binan and Mary Mother of Mercy- Home of the Elderly and Abandoned in assisting  us distributing our contribution.

Another Reason to be Proud!

Employees received recognition for achieving training and accreditation milestone.

True to our vision and mission, we continuously improve our capabilities in engineering services.

Another milestone to equip us with our well-versed engineers who recently passed and got accredited from Philippine Green Building Initiative’s GREEEN accreditation program as ADPs (Accredited Design Professional).  

Congratulations Jun, Rey, Zian and Mark.. Job Well Done!

GREEN stands for Geared for Resiliency and Energy Efficiency for the Environment.

 Our ADPs are now accredited as lead consultants for certification of a green building project. 

We’re enthusiastic to collaborate and build synergies among industry professionals and project proponents to implement green building principles.

         – Jun Petalver, Jr. CEM

Engineering Manager Mr. Jun Petalver, Jr joined  department employees Engr. Rey Magistrado, and Engr. Mark Alag after being recognized by the company in passing the Philippine Green Building accreditation program as ADPs or Accredited Design Professional. 

Q-Trade Corporation Marks Its 22nd Anniversary in a Time of Pandemic

Q-Trade Corporation marked its 22nd anniversary last August 3, Tuesday but without any large-scale events to celebrate the occasion due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Congratulation to Ms. Grace Sartiel and Mr. Felipe A-ayo in achieving your 15th year work anniversary. 

Your many years of service are a true testimony of your dedication to the organization, and you are truly valued for your contributions.

Products and Technology Update

Particle Measuring System launched their new Lasair Pro Aerosol Particle Counter.

Particle Measuring Systems takes data security very seriously! Learn more about the Security/Audit Trail Functions on the new Lasair Pro aerosol particle counter by watching this quick demo. Imagine what this could do for your compliance and contamination control efforts.

For more info. Contact us today.

 Comet System New W4710, which are designed to measure temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and CO2 concentration of the air in non-aggressive environment.

Communication with the sensor is done via wireless WiFi network. 

Indoor applications are the most suitable for sensors with Wi-Fi interface. It is extremely easy to mount them on monitored places and run them.

Contact us for more details.

3M Liquicel introducing Advance Technology for Dissolve Gas Control.

Dissolve gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide can caused any number of in the industrial process.

They can oxide and corrode metal piping and critical equipment resulting extra cost and downtime for maintenance.

Contact us for more details.

Giulia Artalli, Micro & Sterility Global Product Line Manager at Particle Measuring Systems, discusses the regulatory importance and benefits of the MiniCapt Mobile product features that were recently released. This industry leading active air microbial sampling product now has antibacterial properties built into the housing to help control the spread of bacterial contamination caused by monitoring activities themselves.

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Q-Trade Digital Customer Care

Digital customer service simply means meeting the needs of your customers through digital channels such  social media messaging.

Q-Trade set-up social media account to provide technology update. Please visit us today!

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